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Parent University is our new online platform to help you get the resources you need, whether you can come into our office or not. Become a part of this ThriVing community and find your village! 

online groups, classes & resources for your pregnancy

We are so excited for you to join in and find an entire community of support, no matter what stage you are at.  We hope you learn, grow, and have fun during this season of life! 

What is Parent University?

Parent University is a way for you to get the baby items you need while building a foundation for you and your family to thrive in life. By participating, you will gain knowledge and get answers about pregnancy, parenting, and other practical advice to equip you for years to come. The second part of our mission is to help you build lasting relationships with other parents and mentors. You are not alone!

Our Classes

Look below for ways to ENGAGE! 

5 points

Community Parenting Support Group or Bible Study

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1 point

Quit smoking through 1-800-QUIT-SMOKING

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1 point

Readers Choice: pregnancy or parenting

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5 points

Meet a Fertility Awareness Practitioner

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What do I have to do?

There’s so many ways to get started!  Some suggestions include:

Join our Facebook Community Mom’s Time to ThriVe 

Click on any of our ThriVe Group or Classes, or community participants to find out more on how you can join.

Upload proof of enrollment by taking a screenshot of community engagement.  (ie. WIC, Healthy Families, Young Lives etc.)

Speak to our Doula or Fertility Awareness Practitioner

Attend our in-person (or virtual) prenatal classes or groups at one of our four locations, or join one similar in your community.

Why Enroll?

Some of the things you can receive with engagement:

By taking part in these  activities , group or classes, you will not only meet new friends and gain support but be able to receive many much needed baby items!


Tell your Patient Advocate if you need these: 

Bottle brush
Nursing pads and pillows
Baby Toys (rattles, teethers etc)
Clothing up to 2T
Breast Pump
Bouncy Seat
Bath tub
High chair


Just a sample of the things we get from our donors


Bottles & Pacifiers


Diaper Bags

High Chairs

Baby clothing up to 2T

Baby Toys

Baby Monitors

What are you waiting for?

Call or text one of our four locations and let a Patient Advocate know you enrolled online. Feel free to ask them any questions.  Gain knowledge,  build you’re community, and have fun while doing it!