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Virginia’s Comprehensive Health Investment Project (CHIP)
offers a practical example of taking a whole-family approach.
This successful program – which pairs families with integrated
teams of registered nurses and parent educators, goes beyond
the usual focus on maternal and infant health.

Visits from a registered nurse promote healthy pregnancies and help parents of young children take a proactive approach to their child’s health and development as well as their own health and family stability. CHIP of Virginia (CHIP) nurses work with families, and local medical and dental providers to increase access to, and successful use, of healthcare resources. A parent educator uses the Parents As Teachers Curriculum with participants to build important skills, such as creating routines, engaging in early learning activities that promote school readiness and using positive discipline approaches. Educators also assist families with achieving self-sufficiency goals, such as getting a driver’s license, earning a GED or certification or pursuing higher education— all of which smooth pathways to employment. CHIP regularly sees a 40% increase in the number of families with one or both parents working at least part time after a year in the program.

CHIP Works. Here’s How:

Improved parenting knowledge and skills

Increased school readiness

Fewer babies born at low birth weight when mothers enroll in CHIP before the third trimester of pregnancy

Improved birth spacing

Increased enrollment in health insurance, use of a primary care doctor, and increase number of children who are up to date or on track on immunizations

Reduction in unmet healthcare needs such medications, eyeglasses, family planning, mental health care and dental care

Reduced hospitalizations and ER visits among enrolled children

Enhanced family self-sufficiency, including increased employment, fewer moves, and fewer unmet food needs

CHIP Programs

Child Health Partnership

Communities Served: Charlottesville, Albemarle,

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